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Ctrl+Z consider the environment as the base material of our projects, understanding it as not only a physical but especially a mental space.
The urban environment, the city, is an environment where there is never quiet, something is always happening; energy flows moves trough it, different actors and different layers and socio-cultural scenarios act and overlap.

architecture workshopProgram
We propose a workshop to introduce the participants to a different way of approaching architectural projects and the environments in which it is intended to develop them.

We will work to identify, include and use these energies already present and operating on the territory, dialog with them, put them into value, for the generation of the proposals for each participant, that will defined during the process the guide values, the location and agents involved in its approach.

They’ll be invited at the same time to investigate, or at least supose, materials that could be used, agents and the social forces to involve and possible financing and management schemes.

Ambit of intervention
Depending on the situations the intervention framework could focus on different areas, as conversion of residual or public spaces with permanent or temporary architectures, such as socio-cultural facilities, or focus on a specific urban area.

It will work reducing progressively the scale to move from the urban to the definition of a specific functional program and the project of minimum facilities to start it.

The program operates on 5+5 days of intensive workshop, though more than once the program has been developed over 5 days.
Anyway other schemes can be considered and agreed to comply with the exigencies of the academic programs of the host institutions.

All Ctrl+Z’s courses can be developed indifferently in English, Spanish or Italian.

If you are interested in hosting or organizing a course you can contact us at:
All initiatives and their schedule will be announced on:

partecipatory workshop

* Plans by David Maldonado and Roberto Garza produced during the workshop taught by Ctrl+Z at “Isthmus Norte”, Chihuahua, Mexico.

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